Thursday, November 06, 2008

the one invisible

So I haven't been posting anything for the past couple of days. This is probably because I have been watching anime everytime I turn on the computer. Haha. Which also explains why I am always invisible in YM. :)) But sadly, quite a lot of people know I am online even though I am already invisible. Haha. They said they have this program for detecting invisble people out there. Haha. Oh well. Who cares. Haha. :))

So what's up lately? I though Nov.6 was a Friday, but apparently, I was wrong. Haha. It's actually today, which is a Thursday. 

I went to elbi today to find out when they would release the form26. Good thing that I ran into one of my orgmates. It really saved me the trouble of walking all the way from the OUR to EE Bldg. Haha. Thanks guys!

I finally finalized my schedule. I kinda realized that waiting for the ROTC to extened their slots would just be a waste. Also, it is one of my orgmates' advice to finalize it as soon as possible so that my form5 can be printed as soon as possible as well, so that when it comes to getting m Form26, it wouldn't be that of a hassle. :)) Hope though that I would be able to prerog the subjects that I need. :))

I just got a call from my aunt/eye doctor, and she told me where I can buy those contact lenses I was asking her about. Haha. Yes, I am actually going to try if I would be able to keep up if I use contact lenses instead of glasses. Haha. Actually, I've been planning this for quite some time now. But you see, only lately have I actually done anything about it. Haha. Oh well. At least there's still a few more days to practice wearing it before the school starts right? :))

Also, I just finished Shaman King, thw whole 64 episodes from start to end. Haha. I kind started last week I think (can't remember which day) and I finished this Tuesday. Haha. The anime is really cool, even though it was kinda old. Anna-san is really hot! x_X.

Well, anyways, I also watched the latest episode of both Grey's and Gossip Girl. I don't want to expound on that since I'm not really in the mood. I really thought Nate and Jenny would hook up. And what's with Rufus? He's really becoming a pain in the ass for Jenny. Haha. As for Blair, congratulations for making it to Yale. Haha. :)) Alex and Izzie! Yeah! :))

Well I guess those are all the updates you guys should know. Haha. Don't worry though case I can sense that I would be blogging more often again since school would about to start. Haha. :))

Itte kimasu!

How could you do it?

Friday, October 31, 2008

the one wandering before sleeping

Well I haven't updated for a while now have I? Haha. I guess I was just too caught up with the animes and tv shows I have been watching lately. Haha. Who would've thought that I would actually get to like anime? Haha.

It's halloween, and it feels funny cause it doesn't really feel like it. But the air of Nov. 1 is pretty evident, with the new having their coverage all over the country regarding traffic and incidents and all these other things regarding undas. 

And since it is nov 1 tomorrow, not only it is a mark that october is coming to an end, nor the signal that we would be visiting the cemetery again so early in the morning to avoid the traffic, but as well as the signal that the semestral break, if it IS a break after all, is also coming to an end. Crap. x_X. In a few more days, enrollment would be going on once again, and it just starts all over again. Nice. x_X.

Lately, so many thought have been going/wandering in my head everytime I try to sleep or try to wake up. Thoughts about things I wouldn't usually think. Creepy. Haha. Oh well. I guess at some point I would need to think about those things. Haha. It's only a matter of attitude as they say. Haha. :))

Oh, a lot of people are having their birthdays today! Haha. Too many to mention but you know who you are right? It's the season of birthdays and such in the months o october and november. Don't know why though. Haha. :))

Anyways, til then!

It doesn't necessarily mean that when you are hated, you have done something bad. Sometimes, its because you have done something actually better.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the one in a diet

Lately I have only been eating two full meals a day. x_X. I have been sleeping almost around 12mn and wake up between 11am to 12nn. In effect, I don't get to eat breakfast, but instead, start my day with lunch. Nice isn't it? x_X. Don't get me wrong though cuase there are still some small meals in between those two meals. Haha. :))

I've watched the 4th and 5th episode of grey's anatomy season 5. Finally Izzie and Alex are starting all over again. Hope though they make it right this time. Haha. :)) Meredith is making a lot of progress, and lately I think she is becoming more of a mature person. Haha. Cristina is funny as always. And George! George passed his intern exam. Oh well.

Also, I found a lurking webclip of the next episode of Gossip Girl. Apparently Jenny is going through some changes. Haha. Can't wait for he next ep! It's entitled Pret-a-Poor-J. x_X.

Well nothing else to talk about now is there? Haha.

You'll be surprised how a simple 'thank you' can get you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the one who wouldn't be chased after all

So quite a few things happened for the past hours...

I was able to find Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around piano music sheet. I was able to play only up to the part before the "what goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back around". Haha. I'm planning to work on the piece this week. I haven't played the piano for the past semester so this sembreak, I'm making amends. Haha. :))

Also, our batch (chem engg '07) had a little gathering last night. I don't really want to go into the details of what happened but it was really fun and "adventurous". Too bad not everyone, or so at least the people who said they would come, was able to make it. Oh well. I guess there are just people like those right? It's okay. At least we had fun. Haha.

I drank last night. Not beer. Not vodka. Don't know what it was but I was pretty sure that it was an alcoholic drink. Haha. But apparently my batchmates know how to mix these kinds of stuff so luckily I wasn't able to taste the "alcohol" in the drink. It was kinda sweet and tasty actually. Haha. But as they said, the drink was kinda strong. Don't get me wrong, I didn't end up dizzy or drunk but when I got home, my chest was all red. Haha. Allergic reaction? Mom says its pretty normal for one who just had his first time drinking a really hard alcoholic drink especially with "our genes". Seems that Mom also had the same body reaction long time ago when she drank. Haha. Oh well. But it's pretty much disapperaing now. :))

Finally, I was able to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl - Chuch in Real Life. It was kinda feel-good episode. Dan and Serena talked again. Nate and Dan are pretty much being good friends. Chuck and Vanessa are getting it on. And Blair, falling again for Chuck. I like the ending of episode, though I can't make up my mind if Chuck only likes Vanessa to get back at Blair or he really really likes Vanessa. Haha. Hmmmm. Anyways, for sure though, B isn't going to be the one chased after all. 

Well I guess that's all. I'm really kinda tired so I don't want to type a long entry. Haha.

Leaving is easy. But what happens to the one left behind?